Partial nail avulsion with phenolisation is a common surgical procedure used by podiatrists to treat ingrown toenails. It involves the removal of the affected nail and the application of phenol to prevent the nail from growing back in the problematic manner. At The Foot Pain Clinic, we address ingrown nail discomfort with our expert surgical solutions. Our skilled podiatrists perform ingrown toenail surgery and partial nail avulsion with precision, offering effective treatment for infected nails. Serving Golden Grove, Fairview Park, and Glenelg, we provide comprehensive ingrown nail treatment to restore foot health. Here are the steps involved in the procedure:


  1. Assessment: The podiatrist examines the affected toenail and determines the suitability of the patient for the procedure.


  1. Anaesthesia: Local anaesthesia is given to numb the toe before the surgery.


  1. Nail removal: The podiatrist removes the section of the nail causing the problem, leaving the healthy nail intact.


  1. Phenol application: Phenol is applied to the nail bed to destroy the cells responsible for nail growth, and left in contact for a few minutes.


  1. Post-operative care: The podiatrist applies a sterile dressing to the toe to protect the nail bed and promote healing. Patients should keep the affected toe elevated and avoid pressure for the first few days after the surgery.


Partial nail avulsion with phenolisation is a safe and effective procedure with a high success rate for treating ingrown toenails. However, patients should be aware of potential risks and complications, such as infection, bleeding, or allergic reactions to the anaesthetic or the phenol, and discuss the risks and benefits with their podiatrist beforehand.


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