Arthritis is a common condition that affects many people, and it can have a significant impact on foot and ankle health. Podiatrists play a critical role in managing arthritis in the feet and ankles, and understanding the symptoms and treatment options can help patients manage their condition effectively. For effective pain relief, experience The Foot Pain Clinic‘s tailored treatment options for foot osteoarthritis in Golden Grove, Fairview Park, and Glenelg. Our podiatrists specialize in physical therapy and advanced arthritis treatments to alleviate pain and improve mobility. Trust us for effective foot and ankle arthritis treatment in Adelaide.


Symptoms include:


– Pain in the feet and/or ankles that is worse after periods of rest or activity

– Stiffness or reduced range of motion in the affected joints

– Swelling or tenderness around the joint

– Difficulty walking or standing for extended periods of time

– Bumps or lumps around the affected joint


Treatment can involve:


– Custom orthotics or shoe inserts to provide support and cushioning for the affected joints

– Physical therapy to improve range of motion and strengthen the muscles surrounding the joint

– Medications, such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), to reduce pain and inflammation

– Wearing supportive, well-fitting shoes with a low heel and good arch support

– Using ice or heat therapy to reduce pain and swelling


If you are experiencing symptoms of foot and ankle arthritis, it’s important to see a podiatrist for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. With the right care and management, it’s possible to minimize the impact of arthritis on your daily life and maintain your mobility and comfort.


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