People with diabetes can experience a range of complications in their feet, which can lead to serious foot problems. Proper foot care is essential to prevent these complications. Symptoms of diabetic feet may include numbness, tingling, changes in foot shape, redness, swelling, and sores that do not heal. Prevent diabetes foot related complications such as ulcerations, burning, skin and nail changes with a comprehensive foot assessment by our expert podiatrists in Golden Grove, Fairview Park and Glenelg. To prevent diabetic foot complications, it is recommended to:


– Have regular foot exams with a podiatrist

– Inspect feet daily for cuts, blisters, or sores

– Wear proper-fitting shoes with enough room in the toe area

– Avoid high-heeled or pointed shoes

– Wash and dry feet regularly and apply moisturizer to prevent dry skin

– Trim toenails straight across

– Treat any foot problems, such as fungal infections or sores, as soon as they occur

– Control blood sugar levels through proper diet and medication

– Exercise to improve circulation to the feet


Proper foot care can help people with diabetes avoid serious foot problems and remain active and healthy. It is essential to seek medical attention for any issues or changes in the feet, as early treatment is crucial for preventing complications.


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